What ingredients are in the natural breast enlargement pills?

Fenugreek seed extract: This herb contains phytoestrogen, and fenugreek helps the hormones in the body grow. This can cause the breasts to grow.

Saw palmetto berry: This plant looks like a miniature palm tree and produces reddish black berries. These berries have oil in them that can cause the mammary glands to grow.

Fennel seed: Fennel seed contains flavonoids, which is a natural source of estrogen. Flavonoids are known to make the breasts larger.

L-tryosine: This is an amino acid that helps with the functioning of certain glands that release hormones. These include the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands. There have been studies done on L-tryosine to find out whether this amino acid can help the body produce a growth hormone. This growth hormone can help build muscle as well as reduce the body fat accumulation in the body.

Mexican wild yam root: Mexican yam root contains diosgenin and beta carotene. Both of these are phytochemicals which can help make the breast tissue grow larger.

Pacific kelp: Kelp grows naturally in the ocean and has been harvested from the depths of the sea and used for a variety of things. The reason kelp is so invaluable is because it is a big source of iodine. Iodine is necessary for the thyroid to function properly.

Damiana leaf: This little shrub contains phytochemicals like beta carotene, alpha-pinene, beta-sisterol, beta pinene. This leaf is used to help treat a woman who has a hormonal imbalance problem and it can help the breasts grow.

Dong quai root: When a woman in Asia is suffering from menopause, she will take dong quai root to relieve the symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings, and ease the pain of cramps.

Mother’s wort herb: This herb is found primarily throughout Europe growing along the banks of rivers. Mother’s wort has a uterine stimulant in it called leonurine.

Black cohosh root extract: This is another herb that is used to help replace missing hormones. Some women will take black cohosh root extract instead of the prescribed hormone replacement therapy pills.

Oat grass: Oat grass is sometimes known by another name, which is avena sativa. Oat grass contains saponins, flavonoids, and minerals. Oat grass is primarily used as a way to make sure you have a healthy hormone system.

Hops: The word hops should sound familiar, and you may have seen hops mentioned in beer commercials. Hops are used to help brew beer, but they also contain phytoestrogen. A warning about hops though is that they can cause drowsiness, and people who are using them should not operate heavy machinery or even drive their car.

Pueraria mirifica: This plant is found in Thailand and has miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol. These two compounds have estrogen-like effects on the body, which would include causing the breasts to grow. Pueraria mirifica should not be used by women who are pregnant, women who are nursing, or who are using oral contraceptives. Remember, oral contraceptives have hormones and if you use pueraria mirifica, which contains estrogen, it may render the oral contraceptives useless.

Are breast enlargement pills safe to use? Something that you might need to consider about breast enlargement pills is that they are considered to be herbal products. Because these pills are herbal, remember that the same agencies that monitor all medications do not monitor these pills. Breast enlargement pills have been studied for quite some time to determine whether or not they are safe. These pills usually contain a lot of estrogen or estrogen-like herbs that can increase a woman’s chances of developing both uterine and breast cancer. There have been many studies to try to either prove or disprove these theories, but nothing has been published that will give a straight answer as of yet.

The medical community: There has been much debate about whether medical professionals say if they would advise their patients to use breast enlargement pills or not. Even though there is no answer as to whether using natural breast enlargement pills would cause cancer in the breasts and uterus, there are a lot of doctors who advise their patients against using them because there is no evidence that they enlarge the breasts in any way.

A woman might look at herself in the mirror and not be satisfied with the size of her chest. A woman who wants to increase the size of her chest does have a few options like breast implants, but some women read about natural breast enlargement pills and might want to give them a try. Though there is no evidence that natural breast enlargement pills are dangerous, there is no evidence that they are safe either. A woman may want to think about whether or not she wants to use them and might want to consider other safer options if she wants to enhance the size of her breasts.

Are Penis Extenders the Best Option for You?

Men who are unhappy with their penis size have a number of options to choose among. Pills, surgeries and herbal remedies are some of the solutions that the market has to offer. Unfortunately, most of these methods deliver questionable results and surgeries come with the risk of complications and infections. What is the alternative?

Penis extenders have been around for some time and the science behind these devices is simple. The penis extender uses a basic principle that, however, delivers noticeable results every time.

The Science

The penis extender uses the so-called principle of traction.

The extender applies tolerable amounts of pressure to the penis. As a result, some of the cells get broken down. A process of cell regeneration starts. Blood flow to the penis region increases, which ultimately results in new tissue growth and an increase in both length and width.

Better circulation will also improve sexual performance. Men who have used penis extenders report that they have more sexual stamina and improved erection strength.

The Studies

Do studies confirm the claims made by penis extender producers? A number of studies were carried out to test such products and to figure out whether they deliver the promised results.

Clinical studies on the topic of penis enlargement were carried out in 2007 and 2008. More than 20,000 people volunteered to participate in the test of a particular penis extender brand. The volunteers used penis extension devices for a period of six months, after which the results were examined.

The average increase in length after the six months of usage was 2.7 inches. In erect state, the penis length increase average was 3.3 inches. The width increase was an average of 0.9 inches after six months of usage.

Benefits of Penis Extension Devices

Now that the science behind the penis extension devices has been discussed and supported by evidence, it is time to discuss the additional benefits of this method.

Penis extenders are 100 percent safe. Some of the penis growth pills are manufactured by unlicensed companies and some of the ingredients are not disclosed to the public. Such products can produce unpleasant, even life threatening side effects. Surgeries are always accompanied by a risk of complications. Penis extension devices are very simple and respectively – perfectly safe.

Some gentlemen may worry that the usage of penis extenders is uncomfortable and even painful. These products are comfortable to wear, as long as a high quality brand is chosen. Penis extenders are different and the best brands are the ones that deliver all of the advantages.

Many doctors certify and recommend penis extenders as the best option in the niche. The devices have undergone medical tests and the way in which they are engineered ensures consistent and sustainable penis tissue growth.

Finally, the penis extender is one of the most affordable opportunities. Surgeries cost thousands of dollars and the price discourages many from giving them a try. The penis extender requires a minimum investment.

Penis extension devices use a scientific principle and thus, their efficiency is guaranteed. Many doctors endorse and recommend such products, which indicates that they are one of the best opportunities for men interested in increasing their penis size.

Essential Supplements to Increase Male Fertility

Issues with male fertility can decrease your chances of fathering a child. Fortunately, there are a number of nutritional supplements that can help enhance the quality and motility of your sperm. When used in conjunction with lifestyle changes and regular exercise, you may find yourself well on your way to becoming a dad.

B Vitamins

The vitamins contained in the B family provide a lot of benefits. When used in tandem with one another, they can help promote physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the B vitamins also have a direct impact on your sperm production. For example, B12 helps to promote motility and sperm production. You may want to consider a penis pump | EzineArticles.com. Low levels of this nutrient can adversely affect your fertility and inhibit your chances of impregnating your spouse or partner. Liver, fish and eggs are reliable sources of B12 and some of the other B vitamins. These vitamins can increase sperm count in men.


This nutrient is very important in the production of semen containing sperm with a high motility rate. Since so much of the selenium is utilized in the semen, there is a need to constantly replace the body’s supply. Fish, meat and poultry are good food sources. You can also snack on Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds and take in a reasonable amount of this nutrient. Opt for whole grains rather than bleached bread and you will also help to increase your selenium intake.


This mineral is good for the male reproductive system on a number of levels. Along with promoting general health of your system, a reasonable amount of zinc in your diet will increase the quality and motility of your sperm. Oysters are a common way to add zinc to your diet. You can also enjoy peanuts, pumpkin seeds and even dried watermelon seeds as a way to get a little more zinc in your system. Keep in mind that you should balance your zinc consumption with a reasonable amount of copper in order to avoid any type of adverse reactions.

Vitamin C

While most people associated vitamin C with increasing the immune system and warding off colds, this vitamin also provides several benefits for your reproductive system. The bioflavonoids found in C will help to increase the rate of sperm production. At the same time, C will help to minimize the development of clumps in your semen. This in turn helps to increase the fluid movement of the semen and enhance the chances of becoming a dad.

Omega Fatty Acids

A diet containing reasonable amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote healthier membranes for your sperm. Healthy membranes also aid in motility and increase your fertility levels. Try adding flaxseeds to your diet in order to boost your levels. You can also take various fish oil supplements to achieve the purpose. When choosing a fish oil supplement, go with one that is tested for purity, since those types of products will provide greater benefits.

Keep in mind that utilizing supplements is only one piece of the puzzle. Have a complete checkup to make sure there is not some underlying health issue that is interfering with your sperm production and motility. You also want to eliminate certain habits from your life, including the use of tobacco and too frequent consumption of alcohol. With the right combination, your chances of becoming a father will be greatly enhanced.

10 Scary Reasons For Low Sperm Count In Men

While a low sperm count does not impact the ability to enjoy sex, the question of sperm count and motility can make a difference when it comes to the ability to father a child. There are a number of conditions that can interfere with the production of healthy sperm, many of them fully treatable. Here are some examples.

Undescended Testicles

Prior to birth, the testicles of male babies travel from the abdomen into the scrotum. This positions the testicles in the ideal setting for the production of healthy sperm. If one or both of the testicles do not descend properly, that production is negatively impacted. Surgery to deal with the undescended testicle has a good chance of correcting the problem.

Improper Function of the Hypothalamus or Pituitary Gland

Many men tend to see the production of sperm as something that happens all “down there.” Just as sexual desire begins in the brain, other parts of the body also have an impact on the ability to produce sperm in normal quantities. For example, the hypothalamus is part of the brain and connects the nervous and endocrine systems with the aid of the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is also responsible for creating the hormones that trigger production of sperm in the testes. If the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland is damaged in any way, those hormones are not produced in sufficient quantities and the signal to increase production never gets through. As a result, the testes slow down production. Medication that helps to increase the production of the right hormones will help to reverse the problem. This may include penis enlargement pills | EzineArticles.com according to FoxNews.com.


Different types of infections will also lead to low sperm in men as stated by CBS. One of the more common culprits is the various types of sexually transmitted diseases that can be contracted through unprotected sex. Infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea will over time interfere with the production of hormones that promote production. In like manner, any condition that causes inflammation to the prostate may create pressure that leads to a lower sperm count. Treating infections quickly will help to reduce the risk.


The presence of a tumor in the area of the testes can greatly decrease the production of sperm. Even if the tumor proves to be benign rather than malignant, the pressure created by the presence of the tumor will interfere with the function of the testes. In many cases, removing the tumor will allow the body to begin healing and eventually help to restore a normal sperm count.

Injuries to the Testicles

Sustaining injuries in the groin area, particularly the testicles can lead to a reduction in the production of healthy sperm. This is due to the physical trauma sustained by the reproductive organs. Depending on the severity of the damage, the testicles can eventually heal and begin to produce sperm once more even without the assistance of male enhancement pills | Male-Enhancement-Report.com.

Celiac Disease

The presence of a cancerous tumor is not the only health issue that can negatively impact the function of one or both testicles. Men with Celiac disease are also likely to experience a drop in sperm count. This health condition involves intolerance to gluten that can in turn trigger a number of unpleasant effects. Choosing to adopt a gluten-free diet will often make it possible to control the condition and allow the testicles to begin functioning normally again.

There are a number of other reasons why the testicles would not produce sperm in normal quantities. Some medications can interfere with production. At other times, issues such as difficulty ejaculating will decrease production. If you are experiencing a low count of sperm, talk with your doctor about running tests to identify the origin. With a little luck, the problem can be corrected and there will be no need for the use of steroids or other drugs to boost your sperm levels.

Why HCG is Bad


HCG healthy weight loss program has been under review, as more satisfied customers come forward showing the long lasting effects this incredible product produces. There have been many warnings regarding crash diets and slimming programs, which promise incredible results. However, the HCG weight loss program is safe, effective and long lasting. You will be able to lose weight at a steady pace and make the lifestyle changes you need for a better life. You may be interested in Pure Slim 1000.

The concept behind the HCG program is incredibly straightforward, and will ensure that everyone can follow the plan and get stunning results. You will follow a low calorie diet, which will encourage you to lose weight; however, you will still be receiving plenty of nutritional value. There is an extensive selection of different fruits, vegetables and proteins to choose, ensuring that you select what you enjoy eating. Read Pure Slim 1000 Review.

Every element of this healthy eating plan is tailor made to your specifications, ensuring that you enjoy the new way to eat. You can choose from tomatoes, cabbage, onions, lettuce, chicken breast, crab, apples and strawberries. There are plenty of different options ensuring that you can create compelling meals for the whole family. However, the HCG healthy eating plan will eliminate all fats, sugars and starches from your diet.

By removing these elements from your diet, you will achieve weight loss faster, and in an incredibly healthy way. Your blood pressure and heart functions will improve ensuring that you are creating a healthy platform for your body. However, there will be times that you are hungry, and this is often when people fails on their diets. As your energy levels drop and the hunger sets in, far too many people give in and go back to their unhealthy eating habits.

At this point, you will need to be strong, and the HCG herbal drops can help you to work through this difficult period. The drops, which you will include in your healthy eating plan, are designed to melt the excess fat, which will provide your body with the extra energy which it needs. Therefore, by eating fewer calories, you will still have enough fuel to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain fit and well according to Wikipedia.

Eating smaller meals throughout the day will make the HCG diet plan far more enjoyable, and will ensure that you have enough calories in your daily allowance. When you eat smaller meals your body will be able to digest them far easier, and the risk of sugar peaks and falls is less likely. Your first meal of the day should contain some form of natural sugar to help boost your sugar content. Fruit for breakfast is ideal, and will ensure that you begin the day in the correct way. You may want to check our Biggest Loser Diet review or our Unique Hoodia review. Another popular program is the Hoodia 2000. You may want to consider Kollagen Intensiv | Best-SkinCreams.com.

Fluids are also incredibly beneficial when you are working through the HCG program, and water is the recommended fluid for you to consume. You should aim for up to one gallon of water per day, which will help you to remain alert, and hydrated. Vitamins are also recommended, to give you the added boost that you may require, and there are plenty to choose. Promoting a healthy immune system and maintaining your nutrients are incredibly valuable. Another interesting program is the Proshape RX.

With the HCG Diet getting so much attention today from consumers, it was to be expected that many new HCG related products would hit the market. If you have had your eye on HCG Ultra, this review will tell you how it works and how it stacks up against other HCG drops.

What Is the HCG Diet?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is the name of a hormone that is produced in the female body during pregnancy. HCG is given a very important job from nature. It is in charge of taking stored fat from a pregnant woman’s body and transferring it to the growing baby as nourishment. If you have ever wondered why pregnant women do not need to take in a lot of extra food to support the growth of a baby, HCG is your answer.

The HCG Diet was developed more than fifty years in the past, but in those days it required the injection of HCG into non-pregnant women and men in order to stimulate weight loss. The injections allowed the body to release stored fat so it could be used as nourishment, even without a growing baby in the womb.

Today, the HCG Diet is becoming popular due to the development of HCG drops. Rather than going to the doctor for injections, you can take these drops on your own while following a very low calorie diet. You do the diet in phases, so the drops are not taken continuously.

How Does HCG Ultra Work?

HCG Ultra is just one brand of HCG drops currently on the market. These drops are to be taken before your meals, and are combined with Vitamin B12, which comes with your purchase as a free gift. You use these drops in the same manner you would use other brands of HCG drops:

1. You take the drops for two days while loading up on high fat, high carbohydrate foods.

2. From day three you start to follow a restricted calorie diet while taking 25 drops before each meal (3 meals and 1 snack daily).

Weight loss occurs as the HCG drops get into your body and start the process of releasing stored fat. The diet in phase two is very low in calories, but your body is sustained through the extra nourishment provided from the released stored fat. This plan calls for about 1,000 calories a day, but the original Dr. Simeons plan limited to 500 calories.

Extenders Might Work


While women have their own unique and personal issues to contend with, men have a very personal and intimate issue of their own. Men like to feel as masculine as possible when they consider their penile length. Every guy wants a big cock to impress his mate and feel confident. It’s something that society perceives as a symbol of status and masculinity. However, a lot of guys feel that either feels that they don’t have adequate girth to penetrate the walls of the vagina, or they genuinely don’t have enough length. Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University conducted a study that encompassed 113 different nationalities regarding their average penile size.

The results are quite fascinating. Men from the republic of Congo and Ecuadorians came out on top with their average penis size approaching 7 inches (similar to the size of porn stars) when using a penis stretcher | Tumblr.com.

Europeans and Germans measured up with 6.5 inches and 5.7 inches respectively. Not surprisingly, Asians had the smallest cocks with a dismal average of 4.2 inches. Americans on the other hand were reported in the vicinity of 5.5 inches.

Critics of the study claim it lacked proper methodology. Regardless, it is still a fascinating report that supports the stereotypes and assumptions made on penis size based upon nationality.

As we can see, there are men who are naturally lacking in the male endowment department. You may be one of those guys who only adds up to an inch and a half, possible up to two inches when flaccid. Even worse, you may only have an erect length of two to three inches. While experiencing a lack of length is rarely a medical problem, having a small cock can cause emotional and psychological distress. Therefore, men with these shortcomings will seek out devices that will help them to naturally achieve penile length according to CNN.

In fact, I’ve always been a little but shy about the size of my cock. It is not an uncommon problem. As kids we were taught that guys compare penis size to see if they are normal. This is common in teenagers. One of the flaws in this reasoning is that most teenagers are still experiencing puberty and will continue to grow until the age of 25. If you fall in this category, be patient because you may still have some growth left in you.

Doctors have found that do offer come results when men wear these as prescribed. The way that the penis extender works is that it’s attached to the shaft of the penis. The device is weighted, so that it slowly but surely stretches out the shaft of the penis. The skin and the soft tissue of the shaft will eventually stretch, offering the man who wears these devices length. These traction devices are to be worn for up to six hours a day. These should also be worn for six months, in order to notice results.

Men who experienced testing with a penis extender found that when they wore the device for six months, up to six hours a day, they experienced almost an inch of new growth when the penis was in a flaccid state. This includes several manufacturers: X4 labs, Size Genetics, and Jes Extender. When men experienced an erection, they noticed an inch and a half of new growth. For many men, even an extra inch of new growth is something to be very appreciative of. Men feel that every inch counts, because extra length can equate to extra pleasure for their partners.

While a penis extender may or can work for men who are lacking what is considered to be normal length, there are men who are of normal length, yet would like to add to their sexual abilities.

It’s best for men who have a penis extender to follow instructions and to not wear this device to the extreme. For example, some men wear these devices for more than six hours, or they fall asleep while wearing the device. Doctors have found that when men use these devices to the extreme, men cause permanent damage to their shaft. Men can experience either broken capillaries, or broken areas of their shaft.

However, if a man is willing to be patient and if he is willing to wear a penis extender as prescribed, then they will notice in time that their efforts might be worth the wait.

The best results for natural enlargement usually take 4-6 months to gain one inch and 6-12 months to gain 2 inches or more. It will take dedication and a strong commitment to achieve the results you want. Go check out X4 Labs or Size Genetics if you want a quality product. You may even consider a male enhancement supplement such as Vigrx Plus | EzineArticles.com.

Penile enlargement is a hot topic albeit it is made in hushed whispers behind closed doors or, in the case of the Internet, in dedicated sites, message boards and forums. One of the penile enlargement products making a buzz is the X4 labs, which is touted as the most effective of its kind. The question is: How true is it considering that many other similar products like penile enlargement pills, injections and pumps also make similar claims?

The process behind the X4 labs is known as mechanical traction. Basically, the traction device applies a constant yet safe, effective and light stretch on the penile tissues. Said stretching is painless because it is done in a gradual basis, which means that the device will not interfere with the wearer’s daily life and will not affect his penis’ normal functions (i.e., urination and erection).

Mechanical traction in the X4 labs works as follows: As the penile tissues are gradually stretched, microscopic tears are made along the shaft of the penis. The body recognizes these microscopic tears and begins the healing process known as mitosis wherein cellular division takes place. As the penile tissues expand and then heal, the penis also increases in length and girth according to WebMD.

Keep in mind that the tension applied on the penis is gentle and gradual. You should feel no pain during the process. When you do, check with the manufacturer to ensure that, indeed, you are using the penile traction device as intended. You may have to adjust the tension level, for example.

This is the starter kit, which is upgradeable with the addition of higher tension springs and other accessories included in the other two packages. Each Value Edition kit comes with the traction device, which delivers 2500g of force and aids in penile enlargement of up to 7 inches, as well as silicone tubes and medical-grade foam pads, 2 of each. Cost starts at $120.
This edition delivers 3000g of tension in the traction device. Each kit also comes with 6 silicone tubes, 6 medical-grade foam pads, 1-month supply of Rizel XL male enhancement pills, and 1-year warranty. Penile length increase can be as much as 13 inches with proper use. Cost starts at $180.

The best X4 labs is obviously the Deluxe Limited Edition. Each package comes with the penis traction device (3500g tension resulting in up to 16 inches increase in penile length), 12 pieces each of the silicone tubes and medical-grade foam pads, lifetime manufacturer warranty and 6-month money-back guarantee. Accessories include wooden carrying case, booster pump, spare springs, and DVDs on sexual pleasure. Costs start at $350.
Your choice depends on your personal needs and wants although we recommend the Value Edition kit if you want to try out the device first. You can add other accessories as the need arises.
What makes the X4 labs stand out from the rest of the penile enlargement products in the market today? Let’s count the ways.

The traction device has been tested in numerous studies to be safe and effective in increasing the length and girth of the average penis, thanks partly to the double strap support and the adjustable tension system. Customers have asserted that their penises increased by as much as 30% from their previous sizes with corresponding improvements in the firmness and duration of their erections.
Users can use the traction device according to their needs and wants. You can choose from the available programs for daily wear in relation to the number of hours. It should be noted that the final results depend on the number of hours when the X4 labs was worn, not on daily use.

The device also comes in an easy-to-use design. Just follow the instructions and you are set toward the path of a larger and longer penis.
There are also no side effects while using the X4 labs. Your urination, erection and fertility functions are not affected in adverse ways.
Each kit is shipped to the customer in discreet packaging. Customer service is also available 24 hours a day so you should have no problem resolving issues concerning the traction device. There are also money-back guarantees and warranties on the product, the duration of which depend on the type of package.

The final verdict: X4 labs provides for safe and effective results in increasing the length and girth of the average penis that, in turn, improves penile erection and sexual performance.

The Discovery Of Pheromones


The term “pheromone” was defined by the German biochemist Peter Karlson and Swiss entomologist Martin Lüscher in 1959. The word has two Greek roots: “pherein” (transport) and “hormone” (excite). Thus, the very first learn about pheromones were defined as substances secreted by individuals that received by other individuals of the same species, cause a specific reaction, behavior or biological change. This is quite interesting.

The first pheromones were discovered in 1959 by Adolf Butenandt (who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1930), after 20 years of work. From 500 000 females of silkworm (Bombyx mori), he received 6.4 mg of purified attractive sex pheromone: the bombykol (which is actually an alcohol). Adolf Butenandt was not the only one to question the role of these odors. For over 50 years, biologists have been interested in the role of odor emissions in animals and discovered that most living organisms produce substances they release into the environment. Wilson’s article in 1963 entitled “Pheromone “was a trigger for many biologists. Many scientists noticed that the topics they were studying could be reread in light of these new concepts. In 1960, Jeanine Barbier and Michel Pain isolated and identified the queen substance of bees, which inhibits the development of the ovaries of the workers. This was the first pheromone amending known to date.

Since then, progress in the field has been enormous. Numerous pheromones are now known in insects even though the early work of isolation and purification was slow at times. Few pheromones identified in aquatic organisms, however, were reported in brown algae in mold lakes and rivers. Some pheromones were discovered in fungi, one of them producing a sex pheromone: the female gamete secretes a substance that attracts the male gametes. This was the first isolated pheromone from a plant.

In vertebrates, the term pheromone is more elusive and there are many examples. Pheromones have also been identified in rodents, carnivores and monkeys. In these mammals, pheromones are generally secreted by glands near the sexual organs or the head.

Different types of pheromones

There are many kinds of pheromones and they can be divided into two major categories: incentive pheromones that affect the behavior of animals and modifying pheromones that act on the biology of animals. Breast enhancement pills have also been shown effective to increase attraction in a similar manner.

Pheromones of territory are hormones that animals (e.g. canids) use to mark their territory. Trace pheromones have been identified as bile acid derivatives. The animals use them to trace their tracks (e.g. ants). The alarm pheromones are volatile (or very soluble in water for fish) and they are released by an animal in case of injury or attack by a predator, and that triggers the leak or aggression in other individuals of the same species. Sex pheromones indicate the availability of females to be fertilized. Depending on the type of reproductive cycle of the insect, pheromones play different roles. However, the coupling always takes place at a well-defined life cycle of the insect, and even at a specific time of day sometimes. Sex pheromones are by definition created to ease communication with each other in order to ensure the sustainability of the species. Popular well-known pheromone cologne from Hartch25.Blogspot.com include Verolab’s Liquid Trust and Pherazone.

Pheromones and Their Role in Human and Non-Human Sexuality

Pheromones are commonly described as chemicals that act as social cues within a species, including alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, signal pheromones, territorial pheromones, and sex pheromones. They were discovered in animals approximately fifty years ago, and since then, they have generated a substantial amount of debate, discussion, and study. Various species of insects, including bees and butterflies, definitely use pheromones to communicate with one another. Among mice, the scent of a male can speak volumes about his health and the state of his immune system, which female mice can detect. Animals seem to prefer mates whose immune-system genes are different from their own, so their offspring will have the widest possible disease protection. Researchers have been studying potential cases of sex pheromones in humans, and whether it works the same way.

Humans certainly invest a significant amount of time, energy, and effort regulating how we smell. Deodorants, perfumes, colognes, and bathing and washing in scented soaps can all affect how we perceive another person’s odor. Smell clearly plays some role in sexual attraction and social behavior. Studying pheromones in humans can be complicated due to variations in hygiene. Other animals produce pheromones from all sorts of sources, from their fur to their bodily fluids. Humanity’s main organ for producing pheromones is the skin, and most research on pheromones has concentrated there.

The source of human pheromones would be the apocrine glands, which develop the most at puberty, when many other sexual and potential sexual characteristics develop. The outer ear, eyelids, armpits, nipples, and genitals have the most apocrine glands. Many of these areas also occur with substantial hair growth, and indeed, hair is an efficient odor delivery system for many other mammals. The armpits also spread odor effectively. However, many of the substances produced by the apocrine glands are largely undetectable by human senses: what we smell is the byproducts of what the glands secrete. Our bodies could be producing pheromones without our knowledge, at a level that is difficult to consciously perceive according to the news.

There are minimal studies addressing the question of whether humans have territorial, signal, alarm, and food trail pheromones or others of their kind. Sex pheromones and pheromones within families have been much more thoroughly researched. Nursing infants have been shown to turn towards the breasts of their mothers due to pheromones. There have been some studies indicating women’s body odor changes throughout their menstrual cycles, and that can affect how men perceive them. The men rated the women’s smell most highly between the time when menstruation started, and when ovulation started. The hormonal changes that result from changes in a menstrual cycle can clearly affect women across the board. There may well be mutual changes in attraction across the menstrual cycle.